The Truth

William John Wallace – born in West Bromwich, England – known to many as Billy, grew up on a rough lower class neighbourhood called Yew Tree Estate in Walsall. At the age of 18, Billy joined the British army where he served for 5 years. After leaving the army, Billy was introduced to the black market marijuana industry. Almost all the marijuana back then was imported to the UK from Holland. Seeing the poor quality of the imported marijuana and the chemicals used to enhance the weight, Billy decided to grow it for himself. By controlling the quality and price of the the product, Billy was able to provide a quality product for the medical marijuana users in the UK.

After 6 years in the growing industry which included scraps with the law, robberies, and the opening a number of other successful businesses from a haulage company to and bar and club, Billy set his sights on the legal medical marijuana industry in California. In 2010 Billy took his family to Orange County where he set up shop. Billy was very successful in such a short period of time becoming the largest importer of organic fertilizer in the USA and becoming one of the most well respected names in the marijuana industry. He was so well respected that he was invited to Uruguay in 2013 to make a presentation for the Uruguayan government on legalization in their country. He also was the first to receive a legal license to sell Marijuana in San Diego, California.

In 2013 Billy found out his former wife Jodie Silver, currently known as Jodie Word was working as a prostitute.  Jodie Word is the mother of Billy’s beautiful daughter Ariah Wallace who is currently named Ariah Word.

Billy was given this information by Jodie’s then current husband Reza Honarvar. Billy then confirmed with evidence from Jodie’s cell phone, email account, and a bank statements that she really was working as a prostitute and at one time a stripper. Billy became extremely concerned for Ariah’s safety and tried to get full custody of Ariah. Billy was advised by his family law attorney to hire a private investigator to shed light on Jodie’s prostitution, in order  to convince the courts that Jodie was not a suitable caretaker.

Unbeknownst  to Billy, The Private investigator Sean Edward Hyepock   was working with a local cop named detective Jeff Launi from Santa Ana gang unit, and later William Beeman of Orange county sheriffs department who had Billy in his sights. We believe these cops had an issue with Billy, because Billy was a successful marijuana entrepreneur which some cops still cannot accept the fact it’s now legal.

The plot begins to thicken, because now Hyepock starts  working with the cop to get out of his own scraps he has with the  law. Launi makes  a deal with Hyepock to entrap Billy. With the full go ahead from the cops and the story line already made up by Launi, Hyepock began playing on Billy’s emotions knowing full well Billy has PTSD, in order to get Billy angry and desperate so that he would talk. Hyepock told Billy that Ariah was being sexually molested while Jodie was out selling her body and Ariah was in imminent danger.

Hyepock then goaded Billy into talking about hiring a hitman to kill Jodie. Hypeock presented this plan to Billy while Billy was under extreme duress. Billy did engage in discussions , but he never made any deal with the hitman. There was never money exchanged or an specific go ahead, thus, no attempted murder. What is even worse is that Ariah was never molested, it was all made up by Sean Hyepock the private investigator to get Billy into his pre-planned trap.

Billy took a plea deal out of fear of a life sentence after seeing just how far Orange County will go to cover there backsides and to lie to win a case that was clearly entrapment. The sentence of 9 years over 26 to life is a plea based of fear, and not out of guilt. The decision was an easy one, there was never any attempt of murder. Regarding the solicitation to commit murder, it was out right entrapment based of the governments misconduct. There were lots of words but no actions. Billy is currently in a California prison, soon to be released and fighting as always for his freedom so he can reunite with his daughter Ariah Wallace.

The only victim in this sick & twisted mess is Ariah Wallace who one day will know the truth thanks to this site.